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Thai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya. Attracting Interest in Condos for Sale in Pattaya

Let’s be honest, things are pretty good in the “Land of Smiles” right now, and the future looks bright in the wake of positive comments from a senior economist at the World Bank in Thailand.  In other words, Kiattiphong Ariyapratchaya is forecasting further growth for the economy with property in Thailand sure to be one of the main benefactors.

For this reason, many investors have shifted their attention from the capital of Bangkok and started to look at properties in tourist regions such as the best condo in Pattaya. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a near perfect location, Northshore Condominium, in particular, seems like an obvious choice.

Among all the condos for sale in Pattaya, what makes Northshore Condominium so special?

Well, at a time when so much money is coming into the country from tourism, high-quality accommodation is an obvious choice for visitors. Needless to say, this makes any beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya infinitely more attractive to investors than your average apartment downtown.

With this I mind, let’s take a quick look at tourism and the reason why the likes of a Pattaya Beach condo is so popular with tourists and enticing for investors:

The importance and Future of Tourism in Pattaya

As you know, tourism continues to rise in Thailand with recent studies showing a huge percent increase in the number of arrivals. When you consider what happened with the sad boat incident earlier this year, these rising statistics really show the resilience of Thailand as a tourist destination.

What’s more, Thailand welcomed visitor arrivals of about 22.65 million from January to July 2018, up by 11% compared to the same period of 2017 and statistics indicate more than 200 billion baht was spent on accommodation and day to day expenses.

But what does this mean for the property?

Well, it’s pretty clear that tourism is here to stay and with accommodation now accounting for so much of the above figures, Northshore Condominium Pattaya is ideally situated in a highly lucrative economy.

In case you might be asking yourself, 65% of these tourists were from abroad which also suggests that the preference of where to stay is leaning heavily toward high-end accommodation.

Northshore Condominium – Pattaya Beach Condo for Sale

Featuring unobstructed views and one of the best seafront locations in town, Northshore Condominium is arguably the most impressive beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya.  Aside from the beachfront location, there are many nearby shopping malls and places of entertainment while the popular north end of the bay is within easy walking distance.  As you may know, this is also one for the more prestigious residential areas in Pattaya with almost zero crime and first-class facilities at every turn.

As for facilities on the property, residents have exclusive access to a pristine infinity pool overlooking the bay and a fully equipped gym with a nice sauna to enjoy after every workout.  What’s more, there is a concierge foyer on the ground level and a five-star focus in every other way.  In fact, this immaculate property is widely considered as the most excellent condominium complex in Pattaya.

Refined Luxury and Unrivaled Views in the Heart of Pattaya

As you might expect for a sea facing corner unit, the units views are some of the best in the entire complex.  You’ll have a clear vision of the entire beach and the ocean, and every window, including the master and guest bedrooms, are accompanied by a similar view.  That being said, the living room looks especially unique with windows providing the perfect opportunity to watch the sunset from the sofa.


From the balcony at Northshore Condominium 

Sunset On Pattaya Bay

The master bedroom is a highlight but the guest rooms are just as nice, and both are fitted with an en-suite bathroom.  You have gorgeous teak wood wardrobes and modern, money saving, Inverter air conditioning units, while the European style kitchen and Natuzzi leather sofas add a touch of elegance. 

Northshore Condominium also comes FULLY furnished, and the style, décor, and fixtures are just as you might find in a showroom condo.

Beach Road Pattaya views

As you can see, this Pattaya beach condo is situated in the heart of the city but also equipped with the highest standard of facilities and décor. 

When it comes to tourism, you should have no trouble attracting high-end visitors while the prestigious location ensures you are without the risk of depreciation that you might find elsewhere in the city.

Either way, with tourism on the rise and things looking so good in the land of smiles, Northshore Condominium is undoubtedly one of the best real estate investments in Pattaya.

Article By: Peter R. Spary.

Thai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya
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Thai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya
Thai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya. Investors shifting from Bangkok and looking at Pattaya. Northshore Condominium Pattaya seems like an obvious choice. Condos for sale Pattaya.