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Northshore Condominium Pattaya Articles

Owning a Condominium in Thailand

Unlike apartments, which are leased by their tenants, condominium units are owned outright. Owners of the individual units also collectively own the common areas of the property, such as hallways, walkways, laundry rooms, etc, as well as common utilities and amenities, elevators, and so on. 

The common areas, amenities, and utilities are managed collectively by the owners, through their association, such as a homeowner association, in Thailand referred to as the “Juristic Management.”

Sea View Condo Northshore Condominium
Thai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya
SummaryArticle NameThai Economy Condos for Sale PattayaDescriptionThai Economy Condos for Sale Pattaya. Investors shifting from Bangkok and looking at Pattaya.
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Condo with sea view of Pattaya bay
Buying a Condo and Living in Pattaya
SummaryArticle NameBuying a Condo and Living in Pattaya DescriptionCheck sheet helps you decide which Pattaya condominium is best for you
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Sunsets in Pattaya
Sunsets at Northshore Condominium Pattaya
Sunsets Pattaya at Northshore Condominium These sunset pictures were taken from my balcony at Northshore Condominium Pattaya.  More will be
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Northshore Condominium at night
Northshore Condominium Pattaya For Sale
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